Our captivating summer collection is boldly inspired by the vibrant essence of North Morocco. It flawlessly captures the allure of Tangier's largest gardens and the breathtaking views of the North Atlantic Sea. Boasting a rich palette of blues, emerald greens, and warm earthy tones like terracotta and blush, this curation is an absolute must-have for the season.

CLAY is an online retailer that brings Moroccan craftsmanship to you through a curated collection that blends traditional artistry with practical elegance. We draw inspiration from Morocco’s vibrant landscapes and rich history, celebrating its culture and supporting artisans and brands that uphold these techniques. Each selection reflects the heritage and legacy of this beautiful craft.

Our products are hand-picked to add a touch of culture to your home while supporting artisans and their communities. We select pieces that are hand-crafted in Morocco, providing a unique and fair-trade addition to your home.

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